At 15 Basil Street, we’re committed to treading lightly on the earth to minimise our impact on the environment where possible, whilst still offering our guests luxury in the heart of London.

Each apartment is fitted with EDSL sensors which will automatically switch off all non-vital utilities if the apartment is empty for a prolonged period of time.

The windows are double glazed with a reflective coating to conserve energy and insulate noise. When the windows are opened, the air conditioning will automatically switch off to conserve energy.

Each apartment features LED lightbulbs throughout, which turn 95% of the energy they produce into light and last 20 times longer than other types of lightbulb.

To help save water, our planet’s most precious resource, we provide a daily housekeeping service with linen and towels changed every third day unless the guest advises otherwise.

To enable guests to be as sustainable as possible during their stay, we also provide:

  • Compostable coffee capsules for the Nespresso machine
  • Recycling bins in the kitchen
  • Ecover plant-based, chemical-free detergent, dishwasher tablets and laundry softener
  • Plastic-free ‘oops I forgot’ items such as dental kits and razors
  • Extra large White Company toiletries in the bathroom